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Promote Your Business On CamperMate

The CamperMate app is an easy way to get your business noticed by free independent travellers who are in your area and looking for great experiences and places to stay while on the road. If you're interested in reaching that hard-to-find traveller as they are exploring Australia, then to list your business across our network of apps.


3M user actions

CamperMate receives over 3 Million user actions per month


Lead generation

Leads sent to you via multiple contact methods


10 travel apps

Your business will be listed across our travel apps


How will my business appear?

A listing on the CamperMate app appears on your POI (point of interest marker) on the CamperMate app. Depending on your subscription level, the listing can display photo's, description, video, multiple contact methods, booking availability, reviews and more.
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Our apps

The TripTech suite of apps include CamperMate and custom branded travel apps in multiple categories. TripTech creates the most-loved apps for road trips, camping and outdoor adventures with 150,000 monthly active users and 3 million monthly map engagements. These apps are powerful marketplaces that connect tourism businesses with consumers who are actively searching, planning and booking their next vacation.


Pay Annually and Save 10%
AU$ $44.92 /month
Plus GST Total $539/year Choose Classic
AU$ $490 /year
Plus GST Choose Classic
Map Discoverability    
Discoverability on CamperMate & suite of apps Medium High
Inclusion across CamperMate and suite of travel apps Y Y
Listing Details    
Point of interest (POI) pin Y Y
Photos, video, full description, contact details Y Y
Link to your website and social media accounts Y Y
Includes your Trip Advisor reviews Y Y
In-app and website booking capability (direct connection to your Bookeasy link) Y Y
Reporting & Analysis    
Real-time data on user movement (weekly/monthly report) Y Y
Onboarding & ongoing training Y Y
Customer Success Support Manager Y Y
Additional Benefits    
Languages - English, German, French, Chinese Y Y

What if I have more than one park?

If you would like to discuss multiple memberships click 'contact us' below.


How many user actions take place in the app each month?

We currently receive over 3 million user actions on the map each month.

Where will my business be seen?

Your business will be listed on CamperMate and our network of 10 travel apps to reach more of our Australia and New Zealand road trip audience.

What is discoverability?

Discoverability refers to how easy it is to find your business on the map. The better your plan is the more discoverable you become with the user having to do minimal zooming in to find your business.

What will happen after I sign up?

You'll be taken to our GeoZone portal to begin listing the details of your business. Once this is approved by our team, you’ll receive a full onboarding pack and the opportunity to talk to the team about optimising your business listing. 

What will I see in my real-time reporting dashboard?

Leads stats (including emails & calls), users proximity to your location, searches for your area and more. 

Will I have the option to cancel?

Your initial subscription is for a full year, but we operate a standard 30 days’ written notice to cancel the renewal of your subscription, and you will be sent reminders about this. 

Can I upgrade my plan?

Every plan has better features than the last and you can upgrade at any time by contacting the team. 

Who is eligible for the 10% discount?

Independent parks and small groups (less than 10 parks) who sign up for an annual membership. 

*How do in-app bookings work?

CamperMate allows you to drive people searching for accommodation to book with you through a bold yellow Call To Action button that tells them you are bookable. This also adds the bookable 'tick' to your POI listing in the map view which generates more leads directly to your business.

We have partnered with BookEasy (who we have a commission sharing arrangement with) as the default booking platform behind this button. 

Ready to sign up? Or, want more information?

Our Client Success Team is ready to assist you with any questions. If you're ready to sign up please click the button below or contact us with your questions.
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